Is my new RPG too similar to it's source of inspiration? Is that a bad thing?

Hello everyone,
As the title says: I am trying to work out if my new RPG too similar to it’s source of inspiration and, even if it is, if that is actually a bad thing?

I am currently working on a dark fantasy/gothic horror game titled ‘When the Moon Hangs Low’. It is set in a decaying gothic city that has been quarantined from the rest of the Empire due to a horrific plague, which causes people to degenerate into bloodthirsty killers and eventually transform into nightmarish bat-like ghouls. The city was once fantastically wealthy due to the sale of a miraculous drug called the Divine Blood, which is created by the Church which based in the city. In most people the Divine Blood heals injuries, cures diseases, and even grants extended life. In a rare few people, however, the Divine Blood results in strange supernatural abilities. These people, known as ‘Blood-Blessed’, are recruited to hunt the ghouls and infected that fill the city (and are who the player characters are drawn from).

The game is heavily inspired by the computer game Bloodborne, among other sources, but I am worried that it might be too close to the original inspiration. I had thought I had done enough to differentiate my game form Bloodbourne, but some recent feedback has made me wonder if that’s the case.

Additionally, I wonder if it is actually a bad thing if my game is too similar? One piece of feedback was “Why would I play this, if I can just create my own Bloodbourne RPG?” but isn’t that a bit superfluous? Why play any pre-made setting RPG when you can just make your own?

Thank you my issue has been solved,…