WLAN Connect Problems and Internet not available


Does anyone know where I can see any logs about WLAN connections problems?My problem is that the WLAN clients sometimes looses connection and afterwards they can’t reconnect to the Router.I see always on the devices “Trying to connect” and a few seconds later it restarts with “Trying to connect”. But no connection is possible anymore.After a few minutes (often more than 10 minutes) or at least after a complete restart of the router it works again.This is happen sometimes multiple times in an hour or it works for a few hours.Also I loose often the internet connection from the WLAN devices. It is connected and I see the IP but I don’t have access to the internet. On Wired connections all works fine.Only a restart of the router fixes the problem with the WLAN devices.This problems only happen with WLAN devices and not wired connections.Wired connections are always working and I have always an internet connection.In the logs of the router I don’t see any problems or infos why the devices are not able to connect again to the router or why they don’t have internet connection.Can anybody help to find this strange problem?

Please help.

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Is this a Linux related issue?
It seems like you have a 3rd party product that is giving you some problems. Such as a router?